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Cultivate Wellbeing Through Mindfulness:  An 8-Class Series

Insight Meditation Community of Washington

September 29 - November 17th

8 Thursdays


Over Zoom


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How can mindfulness can help you to create habits that have a positive and lasting effect on your health?  Our guide for this insight is this teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh's:


"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude

to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything."


How does this teaching land for you? What does it mean to you to "keep the body healthy?" This course gives you the space to find out... and then to create habits that support your own personal intention, with the support of a powerful sangha by your side.


Of course, it is a natural part of life that sometimes our bodies aren't perfectly healthy - and this course is for everyone, regardless of the body's current state of health.


However, there is much we can do to support our health, exactly where we are, as best we can, on a daily basis... by cultivating reverence for the body as an expression of Life to be cared for and honored, in total harmony and interconnectedness with the natural world.


When we cultivate this attitude with kindness, wisdom, and compassion - spending abundant time in Nature, enjoying a daily mindfulness practice, relaxing into mindful movement - habits that are not in support of our optimal health begin to fall away. We naturally begin to gravitate toward habits that uplift and encourage our health and wellbeing.


  • Slowly and gently bring your body's wisdom into your mindfulness practice.


  • Develop an attitude of kind and compassionate listening to your body's intelligence and its belonging to the larger body of Life.


  • Bring compassion to habits that are not in service to your wellbeing and watch them lose their power.


  • Learn a simple Ayurvedic strategy for cultivating balance in your daily habits.


This course consists of Guided Meditations, Gentle Mindful Movement, and Weekly Practice Exercises in Nature through the seasonal transition from September to November.

The course includes:

  • a dedicated course website for all course materials & resources

  • 1-hour weekly classes with Śraddhā

  • small group support & connection throughout the course

  • weekly guided meditations and home practice exercises

  • online community sharing and support during the week

  • recordings of all dharma talks

  • pre- during- and post-course guidelines for maximizing your course experience


Venmo: @awarenessbliss

Apple Pay / Zelle:  301-652-3307