Sraddha Dorsett is a superb yoga teacher and healer -- talented, sensitive, wise, and compassionate. Her fortunate students benefit from a rare mix of skill and insight, grounded in her ballet background. Pilates training, and advanced study at Harvard Divinity School. As a yoga student for more than 50 years, when I searched for a class or teacher in Washington, I found no one else who is as thorough and competent as Sraddha, and as gifted at developing a customized program that works. 

- Cathryn K., Washington, DC

I approached my first yoga session with a bit of hesitancy, concerned that I might be embarrassed if I could not perform the tasks asked of me. I was afraid I might giggle, fall, or not be strong enough. It took me a long time to try Yoga for these reasons. When I finally went to my first session with Sraddha it was nothing short of transformative! Did I stumble? Yes and she giggled with me... bringing us both closer to the truth and beauty that is the practice of spiritual awakening. Was I strong enough? Together we began to unlock a strength previously unknown to me. Yoga sessions with Sraddha are not a class or a chore or a prayer, they are a beautiful journey into the less travelled corners of your soul, and they bring you one moment closer to the heartbeat of the world."

- Brooke B., Annapolis, MD

"Working with Sraddha has been a gift in so many ways. I began an individual yoga practice to improve flexibility and strength, and Sraddha helped me accomplish that goal. Thanks to her teaching, I have also learned new methods for managing stress and a deeper appreciation of the mind-body connection. I highly recommend Awareness Bliss Yoga + MIndfulness.

Kelly R., Alexandria, VA

Sraddha is a natural teacher and healer. She is incredibly gifted and trained in a number of modalities. She never fails to know just what I need.

Susan C., Fairfax,, VA

I have worked with Sraddha for almost 3 years including through my first pregnancy. She is a very skilled and intuitive teacher, and I have gained so much strength and an overall happier body from my work with her. I sailed through my first pregnancy because she kept me strong not only physically but mentally and spiritually too. Her work transcends Yoga practice as many of us may have previously experienced at a studio or a gym. Her one-on-one and semi-private sessions allow her to take you on a journey that opens you up and subtly but indelibly brings you to a new place of light and love. I am not the same person I was before I started my work with Sraddha and for all the gifts she has given me as a teacher and friend I am truly grateful.

Emily O., Arlington, VA

I honestly do not know what I would have done without Sraddha, who has formed a key part of my physical and spiritual healing process. Diagnosed with a severe form of ADD well into my adulthood, I found that the physical stretching of Yoga was a component in eliminating the mental rigidities that arise from archaic strategies for dealing with ADD. As I made substantial changes in my life, under extreme personal and professional stress, she was a constant source of support in helping me move forward. I had to make myself somewhat vulnerable in this process, but I never gave a second thought about trusting Sraddha, her stewardship of my wellbeing, and her observance of highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. After 4 years of steady work, we are knocking on the door of overcoming almost all the characteristics of ADD and moving out into the sunshine of just being alive, or "Trusting Life," as Sraddha puts it. Just doing physical yoga postures would have helped to an extent, but it is her skill at imparting the spiritual with the physical, all packaged in the most loving manner, that helps to sweep away the baggage many of us find ourselves carrying."

J.A.T., Washington DC

"I have been taking yoga lessons from Sraddha for approximately 6 years. Her intuitiveness never ceases to amaze me. When I step through the door, she instinctively reads me, as if she is taking an inventory of my emotional, spiritual and physical needs, and proceeds to give me a lesson based on those needs. After my session, I feel centered and at home in myself. She continues to inspire and educate me on my life journey. Sraddha, you are the best!

Connie L., Arlington, VA

Sraddha's understanding of body mechanics and alignment has given me so much more than I was ever able to get in group classes. The experience is so much better when I know I am doing them correctly. She has also helped me to identify how my thinking can hold me back from embracing all that life has to give. When it comes to strengthening the body - and the mind - Sraddha offers the complete package.

Stacey R., Georgetown, DC

"Yoga with Sraddha  is as transformative for my mind and spirit as it is for my body. Yoga is a different experience for everyone, and Yoga with Sraddha is like no other Yoga experience. During my sessions with her, I am able to leave my busy schedule at the door and dissociate from my worries and stress. After my session, I feel physically invigorated and ready to embrace the details of my life in a loving and peaceful manner."

Greg D., Annapolis, MD