Awareness Bliss draws from multiple modalities to customize a healing plan that precisely serves your highest aspirations.  

Your aspiration may be to reduce physical aches and pains, rehabilitate an injury, create space for emotional release such as grief and loss, heal patterns of fear, anxiety, or depression, increase self-compassion, or connect with a higher sense of purpose and love.

Much as an artist has a vision and carefully chooses her palette, my experience allows me to see you where you are, where you wish to be, and to support the emergence of your own wisdom to actualize your healing.  All that is required for healing is already within you.  I simply create a safe space for it to emerge, when it is ready.

Accordingly, I choose from a constellation of tools to serve you on your journey to greater health and wholeness. 

Healing approaches include:

- 20+ years of experience working with kinesiology & alignment.  This experience allows me to increase your strength and flexibility while keeping you safe from injury

- Integrative Yoga Therapy:  An individualized approach to yoga to balance the physical, subtle, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of being.

- Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Guidance

- Thomas Hanna Somatics 

- Classical Pilates

- Reiki I & 11 Energy Work

- Vedic Astrology*

- General Ayurvedic Guidance*

*Vedic Astrology & Ayurveda are sister sciences to Yoga